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Type of pool

Heatsavr is suitable for any type of pool, indoors or outdoors. You should adjust the dosage of Heatsavr to the circumstances for optimal effect. This can easily be done with the supplied dosing installation.


Indoor pools are known to consume a lot of energy. The main reason for this high energy consumption is the evaporation of pool water. With Heatsavr the liquid pool cover, the evaporation of pool water is reduced by 50%. Heatsavr saves money directly on water heating costs and makes the swimming area less humid, which means less ventilation is needed, killing two birds with one stone.


  • Heatsavr saves on pool heating

  • Heatsavr saves on air treatment

  • Heatsavr saves on heating costs

  • Heatsavr ensures more manageable humidity levels

  • Heatsavr is invisible and completely safe

  • Heatsavr works in any pool, with or without overflow


Outdoor pools are known to consume a lot of energy to heat the pool water. The heat loss is mainly due to the evaporation of the pool water. Evaporation accounts for 70 to 90% of the heat loss. This evaporation is reduced by 50% with the Heatsavr liquid pool cover.


  • Heatsavr retains more heat in your pool

  • Heatsavr inhibits the evaporation of swimming pool chemicals

  • Heatsavr always works, even when few swimmers are present

  • Heatsavr works in any pool, with or without overflow

  • Heatsavr is ideally suited for swim ponds with a plant filter

  • Heatsavr requires no maintenance

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Filtration systems and Chemicals

Heatsavr can be used in combination with any kind of regular water treatment system, for example: sand, carbon, and glass filters. The only exception to this are swimming pools that filter 100% of the water with ozone. In this situation, the active ingredient in Heatsavr is negated. Swimming pools with an ozone installation and urea filter in bypass mode can be used in combination with Heatsavr. Heatsavr can easily and safely be combined with all regular swimming pool chemicals.

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