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About us

My father (Barth Ninaber van Eijben) and I came across Heatsavr over 10 years ago. The claims made by the Canadian producers seemed too good to be true. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder; how can they have been in business with this product for over 10 years and attract major customers?


My name is Nicholas Ninaber van Eijben and I had always been looking for a way to earn an income from a product that has a positive impact on the environment. Was this the opportunity I was waiting for?


We immediately went on a journey to visit Heatsavr users in Canada, America and  the United Kingdom. Everywhere we went we heard the same  stories: "It seemed too good to us to be true, but still we asked ourselves, what exactly is the risk? Now we are very happy that we use Heatsavr as we are saving a lot on our energy expenditure“.


We therefore decided to introduce Heatsavr in the Netherlands and after a few exciting early years, we have  grown steadily year after year. We have been the Heatsavr distributor for the whole of mainland Europe since 2019.


It's a privilage to be able to earn a living with a product that has such a positive impact on our environment.

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