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Heatsavr is a 100% organic and natural cover that can reduce evaporation in your pool by up to 50%.


For you, this means lower costs for energy and maintenance. Heatsavr is the durable and safe solution for both professional and private use,  to prevent pool water from evaporating.

1 liter Heatsavr en 5 liter fles Heatsavr
Doseerpomp voor Heatsavr

Heatsavr is suitable for any type of pool. Indoors or outdoors. You should adjust the dosage of Heatsavr to the circumstances for optimal effect. This can easily be done with the supplied dosing installation.


A pool needs 0.8 ml per m2 per 24 hours. Ensure consistent dosing with the high-precision Heatsavr ™ dosing pump. This pump, specially produced for Heatsavr, has some special features:

  • Very accurate in small doses

  • Dosage can be set on exact days and times

  • Maintenance free

  • Convenient and user friendly

  • Easy to install in new and existing systems


Get the most out of Heatsavr with the dosing pump. This way there is always just enough Heatsavr in your pool and you will benefit optimally from the effect!

1 Liter fles, 5 Liter fles en een Doseerpomp van Heatsavr


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