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Where is Heatsavr produced?

Heatsavr is produced by Brenntag in Denmark.


Does Heatsavr improve water quality?

No, Heatsavr does not affect water quality. If you use Heatsavr, you should add the same amounts of salt or chlorine to the water.

Is Heatsavr safe?

Yes, Heatsavr consists of substances that occur in nature. Heatsavr complies with the European directives and can therefore be used safely in your pool. You also do not need to wear protective clothing when dosing Heatsavr.

How long can I store Heatsavr?

You can store Heatsavr indefinitely in a sealed package. We recommend not using an open container for more than a year.

Is Heatsavr also used in public swimming pools?

Yes, Heatsavr is used in public swimming pools worldwide. This includes municipal swimming pools, hotels, campsites and vacation parks. See for example our reference from Center Parcs.

Can I use Heatsavr in my swimming pond? 

Yes, Heatsavr is widely used in swimming ponds. It ensures that the pool water remains clear, so the aesthetic value is preserved while also retaining heat. However, it is important however that the water level in any surrounding flower beds is equal to or higher than the water surface of the pool.

Can Heatsavr also be applied to overflow pools?

Yes, Heatsavr can be applied in pools with an overflow gutter and overflow basin. Before applying, the basin is inspected to see if it meets the requirements for applying Heatsavr. In some cases a basin skimmer is placed to keep Heatsavr in circulation. 

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