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Labo-Derva – Provincial research Utrecht (2013)

Practical research into the use of Heatsavr in Batensteinbad Woerden

"No increases in the most well-known pool water (volatile) disinfection byproducts have been found. It is unlikely that any adverse effects on the health of the swimmers have occurred and the use of the product Heatsavr can be regarded as safe within the scope of this study."

"After reviewing the analysis results of the microbiological parameters examined, it can be concluded that a dosiage of Heatsavr during the trial period did not cause an increase in microbiological growth."

"It is plausible that the application of the product Heatsavr is responsible for the structural reduction of the humidity (RH) in the swimming hall in the second part of the study."

"The reduction in the RH of the air in the swimming hall has led to a positive reaction among swimming pool employees. They experience the lower RH as pleasant." 

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