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Center Parcs

Nature and the environment have been of paramount importance to Center Parcs for more than 45 years. For example, Center Parcs has set itself the target of reducing the energy consumption of the parks by 20%. Under the guise of this objective, Center Parcs started to test Heatsavr's liquid pool cover at their Kempervennen park in 2014. The result? A return of over 70%!


Overflow basin

Het Koraalbad is a swimming pool with a overflow basin. It is possible that part of the product remains in the basin because the liquid cover floats. To prevent this, two floating skimmers were placed in the buffer. These skimmers ensured that the liquid cover was included in the total circulation and thus also circulated back to the pool.


What’s next?

Center Parcs is currently looking at which pools they will apply the liquid cover to next. The following step is the application to an indoor pool where, due to the reduced evaporation, the saving effect on air treatment will also be considered.


Swimming pools are big energy wasters and are therefore for many holiday parks a difficult topic with regard to sustainability. It is advisable to cover a swimming pool to save energy. This is often a difficult and/or expensive task, especially for Center Parcs where all swimming pools have an abnormal shape. This is precisely where a liquid pool cover comes into its own. According to the producer, the product forms a monomolecular layer on the swimming pool surface with which the evaporation of water is inhibited and thus the heat loss decreases. As an innovative frontrunner, Center Parcs decided to thoroughly test the Canadian product Heatsavr.


The Koraalbad was chosen for the pilot. This relatively small pool with few variables turned out to be the most suitable for reliable measurements. In order to properly monitor the effect of the liquid pool cover, heat sensors and a flow meter were placed directly at the source of the heat output, the heat exchanger. In this way, the Center Parcs energy specialist was able to  monitor the heat consumption of the swimming pool very precisely and thus observe the effect of the liquid cover. From mid-2014, dosages were taken with and without Heatsavr for three weeks. The effect, taking into account weather variables , was then calculated. Result? A return of 70% to 100%, and for every euro liquid cover applied, € 1.70 to € 2.00 was saved.

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