Project Description

Outdoor pool De Reuver

A few years ago, a couple of volunteers gathered to see what measures the foundation could take in the context of energy savings. Various other pools were visited and extensive (online) research was conducted.

We came to the conclusion that the choice was very limited because of the very long payback times of various investments as the pool is only opened for 4 months a year. The only options that remained were:


    • cover the pools after closing time;


    • frequency converters on the circulation pumps;


    • 1 large heating system instead of 3 smaller units;


    • reassessment of energy contracts;

Options that were not feasible were, among other things, hot water hoses on the roof, solar panels, CHP installation, heat recovery rinsing water, pool covers, etc.

Last year we contacted the company Heatsavr after visiting their website and seeing various videos on YouTube. We recognized this as an opportunity to achieve a reasonable return with a small investment. These factors make Heatsavr the ideal cost saver for us:


    • small investment;


    • simple installation which can be installed by our own volunteers;


    • our short season;

30% savings on gas consumption

After an unfavorable season for Heatsavr, as a lot of wind and rain can disrupt the molecular layer, there was a noticeable drop in our gas consumption at the end of our season. This was still the case even after the previously mentioned weather forecast.

This resulted in a saving of just under €1,200 on our pool for the gas alone! The initial investment was a one-off amount of just under €1,000 for 2 dosing pumps + peripherals, as well as approximately €2,000 for the amount of Heatsavr liquid required. In this first year, the profit will pay for the installation’s starting costs, but from this year onwards, if the weather also cooperates, the profit may amount to €2,000. Converted for a full year season this would result in €6,000!


The installation was prepared in two evenings by three volunteers at the start of May 2012 (flow points, suspension points, 2 pumps, pump hoses with dosing nipples on 2 circulation pipes). We started dosing Heatsavr on 11 May, guided by Nicholas. The dosage was calculated quickly and set (respectively 800 and 240ml per day for 2 pools of 1,200 and 300m3) on the two pump monitors. After this, only the dosing moment had to be set (in our case 20:00). During the season it was sufficient to refill the storage tank and occasionally put the system on standby in very hot weather, because then the savings of Heatsavr would be less than the low cost of heating.

Zwembad De Bercken, an organization run by volunteers

Zwembad de Bercken is an outdoor swimming pool that now for the 18th season has been fully run by volunteers. The municipality of Reuver only has a controlling function. The background to the takeover of the pool by the volunteer organization is similar to almost every other situation where this occurs: keeping the pool open is far too expensive with the deployment of professional staff and substantial investments are imminent for the pool to meet modern requirements. A temporary takeover by a professional organization that had no interest in investing followed after a threat that the pool had to be closed. The municipality of Beesel then made the decision to give the pool on “loan” for a few years to the foundation in 1995, which was founded one year before. After a cautious start, this foundation has grown increasingly better at its role and has personally renovated the bath and expanded it to what it is now: a modern swimming pool with two large basins, a paddling pool, volleyball and basketball court and a variety of playground equipment for all ages. Furthermore, a modern, renovated catering space with multifunctional kitchen was realized. We are open every year from late April to early September (weeks 18 to 35). For years we have had a stable volunteer base of 200 employees. In short: we are very satisfied with the first year of Heatsavr, the profit made despite the unfavorable weather, and we are full of optimism for the next season!

Kind regards, Leon Heijmans, Water management working group Stichting zwembad de Bercken, Reuver.