The claim that Heatsavr saves at least 50% energy is backed up by research. In the past two decades, in which the product was in constant development, it has been extensively tested.

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Heatsavr is extremely effective in both indoor and outdoor pools with the right application.

Results indoor pools

Results outdoor pools


Just like a conventional pool cover, Heatsavr inhibits evaporation. Evaporation is the main source of energy loss and as a result a swimming pool must be heated for a long time. About 70% of the costs incurred to heat a pool are caused by evaporation. It is therefore important to keep this to a minimum.


Less evaporation
of pool water


Lower energy
and maintenance costs


100% biodegradable

Easy to use

Automatic dosing with the Heatsavr dosing pump

Independent test results

These independent tests were conducted between 1990 and 2006.

Location and measurement time Type of pool Pool size Savings in percentages
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, FL.
Outdoor pool 260m² 15%
San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, CA
Outdoor pool 355m² 26%
Sandman Hotel Vancouver, BC
Indoor pool 75m² 55%
Ramada Mission Valley San Diego, CA
Outdoor pool 37m² 21%
Howard Johnson Hotel, Kent WA
Outdoor pool 75m² 42%
Abbott Resorts Seagrove FL
Outdoor pool 80m² 40%
Pender Harbour Aquatic Center, Sunshine Coast, BC
Indoor pool 140m² 34.5%
Coast Harborside Victoria, BC
2mos, 2003
Indoor/outdoor pool 110m² 37.5%
Four Seasons Resort Aviara, Carlsbad, CA
Outdoor pool 28m² 34%


Heatsavr can be used in combination with any kind of regular water treatment system, for example: sand, carbon, and glass filters. The only exception to this are swimming pools that filter 100% of the water with ozone. In this situation, the active ingredient in Heatsavr is negated. Swimming pools with an ozone installation and urea filter in bypass mode can be used in combination with Heatsavr. Heatsavr can also excellently be combined with all regular swimming pool chemicals.


Thanks in part to Heatsavr, SPF Amsterdam-Oost pool saved €46,000,- on energy consumption in 2011. With the help of Heatsavr, the night time ventilation dropped from 60% to 30%. You simply know that you use less energy when less ventilation is being used.
Leo de Haas, manager, Sportfondsen Amsterdam-Oost
Center Parcs has set itself the goal of reducing the energy consumption of the parks by 20%. Under the guise of this objective, Center Parcs started to test Heatsavr’s liquid pool cover at their Kempervennen park in 2014. The result? A return of over 70%!.
Center Parcs 'De Kempervennen', Westerhoven
The results with the Aquarium tank are confirmed by the results of the use of Heatsavr in the Aqualaren swimming pool itself. Despite the fact that it was relatively cold in the first half of 2013, Aqualaren’s gas consumption was 10% lower than in 2012. This is equivalent to an energy saving of approximately 60 m3 natural gas per square meter of swimming surface per year.
dr. B.M. Visser, Subtropisch zwembad Aqualaren, Zuidlaren / Entrance Innovatiecentrum van de Hanzehogeschool Groningen
We are very satisfied for a first year using Heatsavr and with the first profit with unfavorable weather, we are therefore full of optimism for the next season!
Leon Heijman, volunteer, Buitenzwembad De Bercken, Reuver
We are very satisfied for a first year using Heatsavr and with the first profit with unfavorable weather, we are therefore full of optimism for the next season!
Ton Tritten, manager, Parc de Kievit, Baarle-Nassau
We have been using Heatsavr on our pool for some time. We knew that something was wrong with the Heatsavr installation when the pool area suddenly became completely wet. The system indeed had stopped working for a while, which was solved directly by the supplier free of charge. The moisture content immediately went down again. It works great.
Klaas, technical service, Fletcher Hotel De Zeegser Duinen
We are also using Heatsavr again this year in the Boerhaavebad and Houtvaart. The effect is spectacularly visible in the leisure pool. The windows are much less fogged at the whirlpools and there are no or much less steam clouds in the pool.

The results are also good with regard to the Houtvaart (outdoor swimming pool). In the past, we lost the temperatures accumulated during the day at night. During this and last season we had no temperature fluctuations.

W. Honhof, technical service, SRO Haarlem: Boerhaavebad en de Houtvaart


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