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The power of Heatsavr

Heatsavr ensures that less water in your pool will evaporate, just like conventional pool covers. Heatsavr does not only save energy, but also time and maintenance.

How Heatsavr works

Just like a conventional pool cover, Heatsavr inhibits evaporation. Evaporation is the main source of energy loss and as a result a swimming pool must be heated for a long time. About 70% of the costs incurred to heat a pool are caused by evaporation. It is therefore important to keep this to a minimum.

This evaporation is prevented by spreading an invisible layer of Heatsavr liquid, only 1 to 2 molecules thick, over the surface of your pool. Heatsavr is made from carefully chosen ingredients which combined are lighter than water and therefore float. The components that are used attract each other as if they were magnets. In this way, a thin, “sealing” – but completely invisible – layer is formed on top of the water surface that keeps in the heat for as long as possible.

Butlins Splash Pool Complex (Bognor, Engeland)

You can go swimming like you normally do. A hole is created in the Heatsavr layer as soon as a swimmer enters the water. However, as soon as the swimmer leaves the water, the layer will immediately close again due to the molecular attraction. It reduces the evaporation rate by 50% once the molecular layer is closed.

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Heatsavr has also more than proven itself in practice. Read the real experiences of a number of satisfied users here!


Does Heatsavr promote water quality?2020-07-18T16:51:26+02:00

No, Heatsavr does not have any influence on water quality. When using Heatsavr, add the same amount of salt or chlorine to the water.

Where is Heatsavr produced?2020-07-18T16:51:49+02:00

Heatsavr is produced in a factory located in England.

What is Heatsavr made of?2020-07-18T16:52:07+02:00

Heatsavr is made from natural raw materials.

How long can I store Heatsavr?2020-07-18T16:52:27+02:00

You can store Heatsavr indefinitely in a closed package. We recommend that you do not use open packaging for more than a year.

Is Heatsavr safe to use?2020-07-18T16:52:45+02:00

Yes, Heatsavr consists of substances that occur in nature. Heatsavr complies with European guidelines and can therefore be used safely in your swimming pool. You also do not have to wear protective clothing when using and getting the right dosage of Heatsavr.


Heatsavr is the sustainable and safe solution to prevent evaporation in your swimming pool for both professional and private use. Read more.

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